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Tourism & Hospitality | Monday 19 February, 2024 10:45 pm |

Peet's Coffee Makes Grand Entrance into Saudi Market with Six Store Openings

Peet’s Coffee, the Iconic Original Craft Coffee Brand, has officially marked its entry into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the inauguration of six new stores. This significant move underscores Peet’s steadfast commitment to embedding its esteemed legacy and footprint within the vibrant Saudi market.


The expansion into Saudi Arabia is a pivotal component of Peet's Coffee’s overarching strategy to bolster its presence in the Middle East. Following its successful debut in the United Arab Emirates last year, Peet's Coffee recognizes the enormous potential within Saudi Arabia, a country renowned for its deep-rooted coffee culture and discerning coffee aficionados.


Peet's Coffee is renowned for its bold and rich flavors, a reputation built upon its meticulous selection of the highest quality beans sourced from around the world. Each cup is expertly crafted by skilled baristas, ensuring a superior coffee experience for customers. Additionally, Peet's remains committed to sustainability, with all coffee sourced in a manner that respects farmers, the environment, and communities.


The expansion into Saudi Arabia comes at a time of significant growth in the nation's coffee industry. As coffee continues to hold a special place in the Saudi society, Peet's Coffee looks forward to becoming an integral part of the country's rich coffee tradition, fostering connections and creating memorable experiences for coffee lovers across the kingdom.


Peet's Coffee has positioned itself to leave a notable mark on the Saudi coffee landscape with its flagship store situated in the vibrant area of The Zone in Riyadh. Complemented by strategic outlets in key locations across Riyadh, including Sheik Jaber, Al Munsiyah, Euromarche, Al Takhassousi, and Granada Mall, the brand is primed to make a significant impact. This expansion underscores Peet's dedication to upholding quality and excellence while also embracing and enhancing local coffee culture in Saudi Arabia.


Peet’s Coffee flagship stores feature a Discovery Bar where guests can take a personalized coffee journey and experience Peet’s single origins and signature coffee blends, through tasting and full sensory experience led by baristas. The coffee is served in an array of signature beverages that include Peet’s Signature Havana Cappuccino, The Black Tie and the Classic V60. In addition to its exceptional coffee selection, Peet’s Coffee also delights guests with a delectable selection of freshly made food options. From Grilled Halloumi and Spicy Tuna sandwiches to a range of irresistible desserts like the Peet’s Tiramisu and the Chocolate cake, there's something to satisfy every palate.


Known for its inviting ambiance, Peet’s welcomes guests into a bright and spacious environment, characterized by a blend of cozy yet modern design elements. With wooden panels complementing cream interiors, the space exudes warmth and sophistication.


Founded by Alfred Peet in California in 1966, Peet's Coffee has since become synonymous with exceptional flavor and unwavering quality. With a growing number of coffee bars across the world, Peet's Coffee continues to lead the way in the specialty coffee movement.




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