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Tourism & Hospitality | Wednesday 21 February, 2024 1:15 pm |

Il Baretto Riyadh honours Saudi Founding Day with local coffee and branding

Riyadh’s favourite Italian restaurant is marking the annual Founding Day by championing local Saudi coffee and ingredients


From Italy to Saudi Arabia, Il Baretto Riyadh is celebrating Saudi Founding Day by showcasing the exquisite offerings of the Kingdom. Available at the restaurant’s bustling KAFD location, Founding Day celebrations will see Il Baretto Riyadh celebrate the Kingdom by serving local Saudi coffee all day. The coffee will be served in specially designed Saudi Founding Day coffee cups branded with the Il Baretto BB icon, adding a heavy dose of patriotism to the much-loved annual celebration. 


Along with championing Saudi coffee, staff will wear glistening gold pins proudly showcasing the KSA emblem. Founding Day greeting cards will also be placed around the space, and staff will endorse local Saudi produce. Il Baretto Riyadh brings the Italian ethos of community, support and shopping locally to its KAFD restaurant and champions local Saudi ingredients and artisans where possible. 


The activation will add a loving and celebratory atmosphere to the restaurant – embracing Il Baretto’s position in the heart of Saudi Arabia and paying homage to the brand’s home away from home in KSA. Il Baretto’s menu focuses on local ingredients, an ethos it shares with Italy and one to be celebrated on Founding Day 2024.


Founding Day is celebrated across the Kingdom on 22nd February, and Il Baretto Riyadh’s celebrations will allow diners to experience Saudi coffee, playful Saudi Arabian-themed touches and the wonders of the Kingdom’s produce. Il Baretto Riyadh will celebrate Founding Day and the London-born Italian restaurant’s connections and similarities with the Kingdom – notably hospitality, a passion for food and the local community. 


Founding Day at Il Baretto Riyadh takes place on 22nd February 2024, with walk-ins and reservations welcome. 


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