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Business & Money | Tuesday 30 May, 2023 4:29 pm |

The National Energy Services Company “TARSHID”, Launches Its Energy Efficiency Project In The Kingdom Tower In Riyadh In Collaboration With The Kingdom Center Company.

The National Energy Services Company, TARSHID, and the Trade Center Company, owned by Kingdom Holding, have signed a contract to start the detailed study required for retrofitting the Kingdom Tower in Riyadh and its associated facilities. This aims to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption in the tower, which is one of Riyadh's prominent skyscrapers and a symbol of the capital's cultural identity. This joint collaboration is intended to enhance energy conservation efforts and implement sustainable energy efficiency solutions in all buildings across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in line with the goals of Vision 2030.


TARSHID will conduct field surveys and technical studies for the targeted buildings and facilities. Based on the findings of the study, TARSHID will advise on the best solutions to save energy and reduce consumption in the Kingdom Tower. The energy efficiency retrofit project for the Kingdom Center will focus on five measures: lighting replacement, replacement of split-wall air conditioner units, retrofitting cooling systems (chillers), controlling of air conditioning units, installation of solar panels, and upgrading the building management systems (BMS). These measures will result in increased energy efficiency and reduced consumption in the Kingdom Center project.


It is worth mentioning that TARSHID is actively involved in retrofitting buildings in both the public and private sectors to increase energy efficiency. The Kingdom Center project is one of TARSHID's significant partnerships with the private sector, and the company encourages other private sector companies to adopt a similar approach to environmental sustainability, resource preservation, and finding the best energy efficiency solutions for all buildings and facilities. The Kingdom Center's commitment to this responsibility is a valuable contribution that aligns with TARSHID's strategic goals of expanding its reach to keep pace with Saudi Arabia's energy sustainability transition.


Ms. Nada Al Ateegi, Vice Chairman of the Trade Center Company, expressed the company's pride in this collaboration, stating, "We are proud of our partnership with TARSHID to achieve the goals of reducing energy consumption, increasing operational efficiency, improving energy efficiency standers, and promoting environmental sustainability principles in the Kingdom Tower Center, one of Riyadh's important landmarks and a role model for similar places.”


Eng. Rashed Al-Mehthel, the COO of TARSHID, announced that the company will conduct the necessary studies in cooperation with Kingdom Holding Company for the energy efficiency retrofit project in the Kingdom Center building. In his statement, he said, "We all strive to align with Saudi Vision 2030 in its goals of increasing energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. TARSHID was established to promote energy sustainability and forming partnerships with private sector companies. The Trade Center Company, owned by Kingdom Holding, is a crucial private sector player to achieve our goals and transform buildings in Saudi Arabia to become more energy-efficient. Through this collaboration, we aim to become the private sector's strategic partner for all energy efficiency solutions."


TARSHID's mission is to serve the strategic sustainability goal of the Kingdom, derived from Vision 2030, which aims to achieve significant energy savings and reduce carbon emissions. TARSHID primarily works to improve energy efficiency in public buildings and facilities, targeting 14,753 buildings. Since its establishment in 2017 until the end of 2022, the company has achieved a reduction of 5.5 terawatt-hours per year in various projects, equivalent to 8.8 million barrels of oil equivalent (BoE), avoiding 3.1 million metric tons of harmful emissions, which is equivalent to the environmental impact of planting more than 50 million trees.


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