15 Jumada I 1445 - 28 November 2023
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Beauty & Style | Thursday 13 April, 2023 3:13 pm |

Wrap up Ramadan on a high note through REDTAG’s Eid Collection

Eid al-Fitr, which marks the completion of Ramadan, connotes celebrations. In fact, it enjoys monikers such as the “Festival of Sweet” or “Sweet Eid”, for it endorses indulgences — contrary to the abstinence and self-discipline of the preceding days. Worshippers, for their part, have a deep-seated satisfaction akin to the completion of an important goal. Therefore, throughout recorded history, Eid al-Fitr has been characterized by generosity, hospitality, and dressing up!


As a homegrown fashion brand well-aligned with Middle Eastern culture and its evolution, REDTAG deeply understands the clothing imperative of Eid al-Fitr. As is customary for the brand every year, it has launched a specialized collection bearing in mind the expectations of the entire family and Eid’s pomp and splendour. Characterizing REDTAG’s “value-fashion” emphasis, the Eid Collection boasts high-quality festive apparel at mouth-watering prices — part of its larger ‘New Lower Prices’ initiative. 




The festive spirit is embodied by kidswear, which includes curated sets of elegant short- and long-sleeved shirts and sporty belted beige shorts or grey pull-on pants, as well as t-shirts with eye-catching gold-on-black prints for boys. REDTAG has excelled in giving kidswear for girls a fashionable touch, exemplified by a solid white blouse and matching jacquard shorts, a lace-mesh dress in baby pink, and a white tiered schiffli dress that is effortlessly ladylike. 


Eid Collection brings refreshing outfits for men in sage green and tangerine colours. Categorized under different age groups, the collection encompasses oxford shirts with a clean finish, lapel and mandarin collars that pander to specific choices, and prints like paisley that complement the cheeriness of Eid. By and large, men’s apparel exudes an unmistakable sense of class that Eid's joyous congregations call for. That sartorial finesse is equally evident in women’s apparel, along with some glitter and glam. 




The below-100-SAR burgundy dress for women is REDTAG’s way of communicating its value-fashion competency. That attribute extends to several dresses, some in abstract prints, turtle necks, soothing creams, puffed sleeves, and tiered cuts. If you seek more panache, long belted dresses in black-and-white stripes and wrapped ones with hints of gold and beige jacquard warrant attention, just as pleated georgette dresses in dusty pink with front laces and shimmery crimson red do. 


Such aesthetics, REDTAG asserts, do not betray functionality. Accordingly, the Eid Collection holds year-round utility, providing comfort and confidence for every outing. Therein lies REDTAG’s dynamic idea of “value” — an amalgam of superior quality, demonstrable affordability, and an unapologetic sense of fashion. In its Eid Collection, that value shows, beckoning you to get them and wrap up Ramadan on a high note. 




For more information and to browse REDTAG’s new Eid Collection, please visit https://redtagfashion.com/.


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