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Culture & Education | Tuesday 21 March, 2023 12:14 pm |

“Year of Sustainability” initiative by Almoe Group and Brother MEA reinforces students as key stakeholders

Inspired by UAE’s announcement of 2023 as the “Year of Sustainability”, Almoe Group of Companies and Brother Middle East & Africa held a tree-planting drive in conjunction with GEMS Education and Tadweer Waste Management, rallying students to emerge as key stakeholders in environmental conservation


Almoe Group of Companies, a consortium specializing in the distribution of AV and IT products, partnered with Brother Middle East & Africa, a well-known manufacturer of computer-related electronics, for a tree-planting drive on 14th March. The impact-driven initiative saw over 400 students from GEMS Education congregate at Tadweer Waste Management’s Warsan unit and plant trees, thus contributing to UAE’s objectives behind the announcement of 2023 as the “Year of Sustainability”. 
“In conjunction with our partners, we planted about 500 trees using biodegradable pots. The tree-planting drive was underpinned by two priorities: Achieving positive environmental outcomes through ecological preservation and carbon sequestration; increasing students' participation in sustainability efforts and, in doing so, positioning them as key stakeholders in national-level goals such as UAE Green Agenda 2030 and Net-zero Emissions 2050,” explained Siddharth Sai G, Group Marketing Manager, Almoe. 


 The collaboration between organizations from different sectors complements the need for multistakeholder participation in achieving ambitious climate actions and sustainability goals. As far as striking such cross-sectoral collaborations are concerned, the onus is on consortiums with extensive value-chain networks and a long-standing reputation. To that end, Almoe Group’s initiative with Brother MEA, supported by GEMS Education and Tadweer, is both timely and significant. 


 Kennosuke Hirano, Managing Director, Brother, said: “As part of Brother's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and our commitment to protecting the environment and reducing the environmental impact in all our business areas, we are actively taking part in simple-yet-meaningful initiatives. It was an honour to work toward this shared vision with our business partner in UAE, Almoe Digital Solutions, as well as GEMS Education and Tadweer Management, and contribute to a greener environment in Dubai and, more importantly, a sustainable and better future.”
 In the UAE, which is 80% desert, planting trees has notable implications for the ecology. In view of the Net-zero Emissions 2050 goal, trees can contribute by sequestering atmospheric carbon (as per FAO, a mature tree can absorb 22 Kilograms of CO2). Likewise, an acre of trees can produce enough oxygen for 18 people daily (U.S. Department of Agriculture). The life-cycle value of trees also includes ecological preservation and restoration by providing habitats for various species and creating symbiotic environments. Trees play a pivotal role in reducing soil erosion and recharging aquifers, thus alleviating water scarcity that continues to plague the UAE.
With climate change nearing a tipping point, sustainability efforts must gather a sense of urgency, according to Jamal Sarwar Sabri, Group CEO, Almoe. So, corporate strategies, Jamal says, must essentially factor in ESG, sustainability, and climate actions. “Corporates must align with bigger, national-level goals and initiatives. The UAE leadership has created a roadmap reconciling long-term socioeconomic growth with sustainability. Such an ambitious vision calls for increased participation from the public and private sectors. Other key stakeholders here are students, who can be sustainability torchbearers. Almoe derives purpose in increasing their participation,” Jamal concluded.


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