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Aseer Development Authority

Aseer Development Authority

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Aseer Development Authority (ASDA) is formally established with a mandate to supervise planning and implementation of a regional development strategy for Aseer Region.

ASDA aims to achieve integrated regional development and to insure effective coordination between development actors and high-quality implementation of key infrastructure projects in the region.

Our vision is to make Aseer known as a globally leading year-round destination, where everyone is inspired by the harmony of preservation and progress of Aseer's unique culture and nature.

Tourism is our priority. We mainly cater towards the Saudi middle class leisure tourist, ensuring complementarity to other destinations. This is flanked by international visits.

Aseer possesses a unique variety of cultural and natural assets, distinct across five geographical layers; from coast to mountain to desert. Tapping into our natural and cultural assets, we have identified 5 well-differentiated tourism development areas (TDA's).

We will build a mix of affordable assets and luxury anchor projects. The PIF projects will play a crucial role as high-end anchor assets and have been factored into Aseer strategy.

We attract 8.6 m visits in 2030 with Aseer strategy– a tripling of current leisure visits. Growth mainly originates from domestic leisure and international tourism.

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