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King Khalid University Hospital

King Khalid University Hospital

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Was the opening of the King Khalid University Hospital in 1402/1982 in the university town Dir'iyya, and was limited in his debut on the compound of outpatient clinics, and then evolved with time to work with a capacity of approximately 800 beds and 20 operating room, and a separate building for clinics featuring 161 examination room in addition to the other facilities. It also includes a full-service hospital in the medical laboratory and radiology services and a pharmacy. Receive university hospitals all cases that need to specialized treatment, also accept emergency cases directly by ambulance, and offered to all patients free health services to the highest degree of efficiency, including prescription drugs and all tests Tabah.tusah King Khalid University Hospital consists of a building with five floors is ground and attitudes lower , contains a number of facilities and services, including suites for patients with a capacity of 480 beds, and thirty-two operating room, in addition to specialized centers of Clinical Oncology, Medicine and surgery of the digestive system.

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