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General Directorate For Prisons

General Directorate For Prisons

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Prisons in Saudi Arabia were linked to the police departments as one of its multiple departments, and in 1388 the supreme approval was issued for the establishment of a public prison service independent of public security. In 1398, the supreme approval was issued for the prison and detention system. In the same year, Minister of Interior No. 4090 and dated 22/10/1398 e, which approves the formation of the general administration of prisons and their terms of reference and duties.

His Royal Highness the Minister of the Interior and his deputy and his assistant for security affairs in prisons and prisoners continued unceasingly until His Highness's decree No. 60661 dated 18/08/1421 AH issued a decree ordering the separation of the General Administration of Prisons from Public Security to become an independent sector linked to His Royal Highness Assistant Minister of Interior for security affairs under a new name (General Directorate of Prisons).

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