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Healthcare | Wednesday 29 November, 2023 11:41 am |

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi demonstrates strong commitment to sustainability ahead of COP28

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, part of the M42 network, the Principal Health Partner of COP28, has published its decarbonization and sustainability efforts. As a proactive contributor to the sustainable future of health, the hospital’s patient-centric approach and sustainability endeavors underscore its success in prioritizing the well-being of patients, caregivers, and the community and align with the Abu Dhabi Environment Vision 2030.


To date, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi has achieved remarkable sustainability milestones, including an 11.3% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from the baseline year, a 100% landscape waste recycling rate, purchase of local green produce over imports where possible, utilization of 100% FSC-certified paper, and more. 


The hospital's recapitalization efforts include proactive equipment and facility retrofits, such as advanced lighting systems, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) fan motors, and air exchange rebalancing in operating theaters. These initiatives have resulted in a remarkable 10% reduction in energy consumption by cost, and a substantial step toward a more sustainable operating environment.


Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi has set ambitious targets for 2030, including an 18% reduction in energy consumption compared to the 2017 baseline, an increase in waste recycling to 30% and a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 21%.


Dr. Jorge Guzman, Chief Executive Officer at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, said: “One of the biggest health threats facing humanity today is climate change, and if grouped as a country, the healthcare industry would be the fifth largest contributor to global carbon emissions. At Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, we are dedicated to sustainability and world-class healthcare. We take responsibility for addressing climate change, aligning with the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi’s emission reduction goals and global sustainability standards. Through our commitment to socially responsible practices, we aim for sustainability excellence and support healthcare facilities in the region to surpass sustainability targets.”


Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi's dedication to sustainability has earned recognition from regional and global organizations. In partnership with Emirates Nature-WWF, the hospital has joined the UAE Alliance for Climate Action (UACA) Advisory Committee, furthering climate action within the UAE and contributing to the ambitious UAE Net Zero 2050 goal.


The hospital received Recognition Certificates for Sustainability Reporting at the Abu Dhabi Sustainable Business Leadership Forum 2023, and both Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi and its Fatima bint Mubarak Center achieved LEED Gold Certification from the United States Green Building Council. The Arab Hospitals Federation (AHF) awarded the Gold Initiative Certificate to Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi for its leadership in driving change within the healthcare sector, fostering healthy communities, enhancing environmental impact, promoting innovative models of care, and championing sustainability across nine Arab countries.


For more information, please visit Cleveland Clinic at the M42 booth in the Green Zone of COP28, located at Dubai Expo City from November 30th to December 12th.




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