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Beauty & Style | Monday 5 December, 2022 8:15 am |

TITAN Solar paves the way for a brighter, sustainable future

With the world reeling under environmental challenges, TITAN has taken the lead with the launch of their new eco-friendly TITAN Solar collection.


The new collection, which makes its timely debut during World Vegan Month, includes three distinct timepieces for both gents and ladies that are the perfect companion for work, at home or heading on an adventure. 


What makes the collection so compelling is the carefully thought-out materials that have been used in manufacturing these timeless pieces: coconut leather and cactus leather straps.


Coconut leather is plant residue-based leather. Coconut water, which would normally be dumped causing soil damage, is collected from processing units after coordinating with local farmers. One small manufacturing unit collects 4,000 liters of wastewater per day, which is used to make an incredible 320 sq. meters of coconut leather.


Cactus leather on the other hand is handpicked from farms in Mexico. Only mature leaves are cut without harming the plant.  This allows for a significant reduction in the use of natural resources. The process is completely organic and there is no harmful waste.


“With the new Titan Solar collection, we are taking small but significant steps towards sustainability. While the TITAN Solar collection is alluring and desirable, the true success lies in the manufacturing process where TITAN, once again, led from the front without compromising with the design.,” said Vandana Bhalla, Head of Marketing at TITAN, International Division.


The TITAN Solar collection will no doubt look great on your wrist and, simultaneously, work towards making the world a better place.


Prices for the TITAN Solar collection start at AED 495 and the watches are now available at Titan retail outlets across UAE, select Hour Choice stores, leading department stores, online marketplaces, and authorized retailers.


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